• Barbara Simon

"Haven Fort - Broad Haven Triangle" Mixed Media.

Thirty years ago, a corner of south west Wales was caught up in a "flap" - a wave of sightings in an area - that became known as The Broad Haven Triangle.

Leafing through the documents at Kew, the story began to unfold. It was April 1977 and Rosa Granville, who runs the Haven Fort Hotel in Little Haven, was in bed at around 2.30am when she was awoken by strange noise and lights.

Looking out of her window, she described seeing an object which looked like an "upside-down saucer" in the field next to the hotel and two 'faceless humanoid' creatures with pointed heads.

The incident, she said in a subsequent letter she wrote to her MP Nicholas Edwards, left her "agitated and disturbed and not the least bit desirous of another encounter".

"I would be pleased to hear of an explanation, it would greatly help to relieve the sense of shock I feel since my encounter," she added.

Speaking to BBC Wales' news website, Mrs Granville recalled the object: "It was a bit like an upside-down saucer - it looked like a jelly to start with."

"There was so much heat - I was by the window - my face felt burned.

"There was light coming from it and flames of all colours. Then [the creatures] came out of these flames, that's what I don't understand.

"I shouted 'Hello, what are you doing there' - they looked faceless. I couldn't see their features."

She said she went to find other people in the hotel to show them, but that when she returned to the window a few minutes later, the objects and the men had gone.

There were a flurry of UFO sightings near Little Haven in 1977

When she visited the site of the alleged landing in the morning, she added there were "two inches of burned ground there".

On receiving Mrs Granville's letter back in 1977, Mr Edwards contacted the Ministry of Defence and Flight Lieutenant Cowan, an officer from RAF Brawdy, then visited the hotel.

In his report to MoD chiefs, Flt Lt Cowan wrote: "[Mrs Granville] told me that one night in April of this year she saw a round object 'like the moon falling down' land in a field at the back of her property. Two very tall, faceless 'humanoids' got out of this object (about the size of a mini bus) and appeared to 'take measurements or gather things'."

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