• Barbara Simon

A Very Busy Autumn Term Teaching @ College

At last I have found a little time to finish one of my own artworks. Here it is...

"Two Boys Digging", Newport Pembs 50cm x 39cm

I don't think in all my 21 years of lecturing have I known such a busy term. Difficult teaching wearing a face mask all day, gelling and washing hands, trying to keep a distance and with all the windows open, rather cold too. All that said, great to be back with students or as they are now called "learners".

I have been with A level Fine Art learners this week making paper stencils for screen print. They have been busy using their skyline studies for inspiration alongside researching the work of Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg. A lot of my own time taken up by prepping for a demonstration. Not used paper for stencils before or paper for backgrounds. I used my leftover paints. Interesting results, I think. Hope you like it!

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