• Barbara Simon

At Last A Finished Painting!

Winter Surfing

You would think that being in lockdown over the last 10 weeks would result in lots of artwork being created. Pleased to say that at last, I have finished one.

It is also framed, as I had some frames premade a few months back from Robel, beautiful quality frames as always. Many layers of paint on this painting, as it took me ages to decide on the right colours. As always with creating art never sure when a painting is finished, sometimes you just have to stop.

Image was taken on a lovely bright winter's day in Broad Haven, lots of surfers around and a good swell. Seems a very long time ago now.

Very strange and challenging times, I have been cycling, walking Grover, trying to teach from home, ticking off do jobs, gardening in this fabulous weather, and painting, hopefully another one will be finished soon, I am trying out a slightly new technique. Looking forward to seeing family and friends again, of course only when safe.

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